Words About Books

Judging Books By Their Covers V

March 26, 2023 Ben & Nate Season 4 Episode 13
Words About Books
Judging Books By Their Covers V
Show Notes

This week on Words About Books we're going to do something we've never ever done before on Judging Books By Their Covers. Want to know more? You'll have to listen to find out and you won't believe our ears! Hey if it works for Hell's Kitchen, it might work for us.

Yes it's that time of year where Ben has to pick a book from Nate's treasure trove of books... only with a twist! We also talk about the NCAA bracket at the time of the recording. You might also wonder where the monthly book is. Well Ben decided to move to another apartment and let us all down. So March is going to be a little slimmer pickens but don't worry this episode and the month of April will make up for it. You'll just have to tune in to find out!

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