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How to Kill Your Family (with a Razor-Sharp Wit) by Bella Mackie

February 05, 2023 Ben & Nate Season 4 Episode 6
Words About Books
How to Kill Your Family (with a Razor-Sharp Wit) by Bella Mackie
Show Notes

Thank you to our Patrons for voting for today's episode! This is a book that sounds so incredible. A woman is in prison for a murder she didn't commit. Oh but she DID kill 6 people, all members of her rich father's family. Now she's writing her memoirs about those 6 killings while a mystery unfolds on what really happened to the person she didn't kill.

Or that's what I thought anyway. Instead it's mostly a mean-spirited dick (Grace) rambling for 400 pages. No that's not a joke, that's even written in the book. To quote the book: "Christ, I'm rambling again." This book is painful to read and even more painful to listen to.

I promise we don't only read books we don't like. I mean we read an Agatha Christie novel earlier this year and it was awesome! Nate genuinely thought the premise to this book sounded amazing but the author does not know how to write novels. Nothing about this book works. It's easily one of the worst books we have ever read on this podcast. So strap in for a deconstruction of everything that went wrong with this book as we attempt to solve the real mystery: what is this book and what is it trying to say?

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