Words About Books

The Mage Errant by THE John Bierce

December 18, 2022 Ben & Nate Season 3 Episode 57
Words About Books
The Mage Errant by THE John Bierce
Show Notes

This week on Words About Books we tackle John Bierce's other work: The Mage Errant. Listeners of the show might know that we covered another one of his books last year called The Wrack. That book was Nate's #1 book of 2021! Will The Mage Errant claim the 2022 role? Or will we keep going on tangents talking about Naruto? The answer may surprise you! Also since Nate had to cut a ton of stuff from this episode consider throwing $2 at us on Patreon as we're going to start putting our extra tracks on there for that amount very soon. It's 8+ minutes of tangents and filler! That's way less than Naruto!

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