Words About Books

Children of Dune by Frank Herbert Part I

August 28, 2022 Ben & Nate Season 3 Episode 40
Words About Books
Children of Dune by Frank Herbert Part I
Show Notes

We're back for our yearly spice trance! That's right, break out your space crack and start huffing it with every orifice and inch of skin you can possibly put spice into or on top of. When the police come, just let them know you were trying to achieve enlightenment and have them listen to the episode too - we want your views.

This year we're covering Children of Dune. This episode sets the groundwork: two children who have lived many lives have a horrible choice to make. Their aunt and regent of the Empire has become possessed by a malevolent spirit, her husband is contemplating his own machinations, there's a preacher who may spark a civil war, their grandmother has returned to the planet with unknown motives, and uh... there are some tigers? Some tigers that are trying to kill them? Look, they can't all be winners.

Join Nate and Ben as they examine the fall-out of Paul's supposed death and the birth of his two children. If you can't get you enough of this sweet sweet Dune there's an additional 6 minutes of cut content on our patreon too.

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