Words About Books

A Needlessly In-Depth Analysis of Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline

July 24, 2022 Ben & Nate Season 3 Episode 35
Words About Books
A Needlessly In-Depth Analysis of Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline
Show Notes

Hey are you ready for a fun trip into 80s nostalgia! Well you've come to the right place... in like 121 pages or so. Yeah we'll throw you a bone here and there. You remember Marty McFly's alarm clock?!? Yeah... I hope that reference will sustain you. Because we're not going to spend a whole lot of time in the Oasis doing Ready Player One stuff. Sure we'll go steal the script to Princess Bride but all that action and plot progression and "stuff that's actually happening" is going to have to come in part 2 of the book.

I'm not joking. If you've read this book (and you obviously have because everyone reads along with us) you know that the pacing of this book is awful, the author really didn't care about this book, and he phones in the majority of it. That's so apparent here in part 1 where we're going to lay the ground work. The same way Ernest does: telling it to you directly. Then we're going to lay some groundwork, put some work on the ground, build up to some future stuff, establish the ground that we will be standing on, pouring the foundation for the book... do you get the point yet?

This book sucks but Nate had to read it so you have to listen to this episode. Support the show so that Nate knows that everything is going to be okay.

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